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Bank On Yourself and Take Control of Your Money and Finances

Have you been doing all the “right things” financially that you’ve been taught to do, but you’ve been disappointed again and again? If so, you’re not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of people have opted out of a system where the odds are stacked against you and are using the Bank On Yourself method to achieve life-long financial independence and security.

Bank On Yourself lets you bypass Wall Street, beat the banks at their own game and – finally – take control of your own financial future. It can help almost anyone – regardless of age, income or financial sophistication – reach their financial goals and dreams without losing sleep. However, if you spend more than you make, this is not for you. And if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you will surely be disappointed.

What is the Bank On Yourself Method?

Bank On Yourself uses a little-known super-charged version of an asset that has increased in value during every single market crash and in every period of economic boom and bust for more than 160 years – dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Yes, we said whole life… but not the kind most financial advisors and experts like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey talk about! With this variation, you don’t have to die to “win.” It requires a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy with some features added on to it that maybe one in 1,000 financial advisors understands. A large portion of your premium goes into two riders or options that make your money in the policy grow significantly faster than a traditional whole life policy, while reducing the commission the agent receives by 50-70%.

This concept is widely known as “Bank On Yourself,” however, as it has grown in popularity, you may hear it referred to as the 770 bank account, become your own banker, Infinite Banking®, income for life, invisible bank account or the President’s Account.

NOTE: If your policy isn’t structured properly, it could grow much more slowly, lose the tax advantages, or both. Only 200 advisors in the U.S. and Canada have passed the rigorous training and requirements to be a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor. They know how to structure these policies right and which companies offer the best policies for maximizing the power of the Bank On Yourself concept. You’ll get a referral to one of these advisors when you request a FREE Analysis.

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5 Key Benefits of Bank On Yourself…

  1. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from steady, predictable growth, year in and year out. You’ll always know the minimum guaranteed value of your retirement account on the day you’ll want to tap into it… and at every point along the way.
  2. Bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether by becoming your own source of financing for cars, vacations, a college education, starting a business and more. Get the money you need when you need it – simply by asking for it. In fact, famous people like Walt Disney, Ray Kroc and J.C. Penney used this method to start or grow their businesses when no bank would lend them a dime.
  3. Access the money in your plan – with no taxes or government penalties or restrictions – when you want and for whatever you want.2 (Try doing that with your 401(k) or IRA!) Best of all, the money you take from your policy – whether you use it for purchases or investments – can continue to grow just as if you never took it out! Caution: Only a handful of companies offer a policy with this feature, so be sure to work with an Authorized Advisor who knows which companies to use.
  4. A better way to save and pay for college –
  5. Learn how special programs for folks up to age 85 work.

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